Do you know Madam Moolah

 I have many Moovalous things to show you.

     Hello and welcome to Hit Heifer. I am Madam Moolah, your transcendental guide across the vast unknowns of the the internet. I will be visiting the great beyond and bringing back my reviews of sites my crystal ball has directed me to. If you have a site recommendation, please feel free to submit the link and I will be off in a flash to check it out. My all powerful and all seeing Turban will allow me to absorb the auras and vibes of these sites. I will report back with what I have seen and gathered through my great psychic abilities. Check back often to see where I’ve been and what I’ve learned in my travels. –Madam Moolah–

P.S. Occasionally you may hear from my family. When I am in a deep meditative state, they may show up to bring you my reports. Check out our last family photo below. I have foreseen your smiles as you view this picture.


P.S.S Moorine ordered some veeners online, and i’m not sure it turned out the way she wanted. However, it has not stopped her from sporting them every chance she gets…I still say they should go on the top,( her father says he has no comment), but she insists this is the way to wear them…KIDS!